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Medex Scientific (UK) Ltd run an extensive Research & Development programme for existing and new clients.

We work very closely with all partners to establish the immediate problem and all possible solutions.

Each project bucket can be worked on as an individual brief or form part of a full R&D and turn-key operation to reach & identify the below milestones:


1. The clients’ problems/needs:

Establish the core problem and core requirements, claims, external risks etc.


2. Concept Generation & Development:

Selecting the most feasible option from the concept pool with a firm brief on the theoretical formula & target finished product.


3. Formulation Development:

Aiming to deliver a final formula for bulk scale up with the least risk exposure - as close to the initial brief as possible.


4. Product Development & Manufacturing solutions:

Signing off the final product visualization: size, weight, shape, colour, strength etc.


5. Prototype product for market research, safety analysis and ultimate sign off:

Delivering the client a working prototype for ultimate sign off, enrol product on dermatological and clinical trials, full PIF completion and QA for ultimate consumer safety and client satisfaction.


6. Commercialisation, Production Review and Scale Up:

Full review into Marketing strategy, final product claims, batch production & economies of scale.


7. Mass Production & Product launch:

Prepare the product for launch and market placement.

Medex Scientific (UK) Ltd have a reputation for premium products with premium service.

All R&D is conducted working toward EU Cosmetic Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009.

Our research and formulation teams have over 50 years' experience in the cosmetic, health and beauty arena with quality the paramount objective on all projects undertaken.

With a deep resource pool and highly specialised teams of project managers and development chemists Medex Scientific (UK) Ltd ensures that the latest scientific research and published breakthroughs are utilised producing only the highest quality products to meet customer expectations.


Manufacturing information

• Single Layer Patches

• Multiple layer patches

• High deposition & high concentration formulations

• Specialised hydro-alcohol extraction methods to maximise raw material concentration

• Essential mineral and heavy metal island dressing, such as copper and zinc

• Sheet production for multiple patches

• Patch strip technology for individual, sealed patches

• Own label available for unique patch branding & printing

• EU Cosmetic Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009

• Fulfilment facilities ISO 14001:2015; ISO 9001:2015